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    About Us

    With More Than 21 Years Of Combined Experience

    We take pride in solving any problem you may have in a professional and friendly manner.

    LeeMax provides Safety Training, Staffing, Consulting, Equipment and Supplies to the Construction, Oil & Gas, and General Industry sectors. One team to provide all of your safety needs, “We’ve got you covered”.

    Our service and response is unmached. Whether you need to train one person or an entire team we make it happen. Your site deserves to have professionals that are knowledgable and experienced, and a good fit.

    On top of that, include the ability to provide all of your supplies and equipment needs with one simple call. That’s what makes us one of the fastest growing safety firms today.

    Tracy Anderson


    Madeline Anderson


    Brian Anderson

    Director / Trainer

    Maxwell Anderson


    Kelly McLaughlin

    Operations Manager

    Barry Parks

    Site Safety Coordinator / Trainer

    Macey Anderson


    Sherri Jones

    Site Safety Coordinator / Trainer

    Our testimonials

    We pride ourselves on offering top-notch safety services to our customers.

    Brian Anderson is instructing a class at Pleasants Power Station this week. This is the best and most informative training I’ve ever had. Brian is a great instructor.

    Omnis/NAES In-Person Training

    LeeMax Safety Solutions is customer focused based on their needs and very knowledgeable with solutions anytime we have questions. Very responsive customer service and easy to navigate their training. We used to have several safety videos set up for new hires and it was quite extensive. LeeMax created a consolidates video for us to cover what we needed and we’re really happy with it. Highly recommend them!

    Trademasters In-Person and Online Training

    Good instruction. It was fun and informative.

    C & B Equipment Overhead Crane and Hoist Training