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    Topics include but not limited to:
     Introduction to OSHA
     Walking and Working Surfaces
     Fall Protection

     Exit Routes and Emergency Action Plans
     Electrical Safety
     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
     Hazard Communication
     Machine Guarding
     Materials Handling and Storage
     Bloodborne Pathogens
     Permit-Required Confined Spaces
     Lockout/Tagout
     Forklift Safety

    Topics include but not limited to:
     Introduction to OSHA
     Fall Protection
     Electrocution
     Struck-By
     Caught-In or Between
     Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
     Health Hazards in Construction
     Electrical
     Material Handling
     Hazard Communication
     Ladders and Stairs

    This course responds to the latest information about the effects of arc flash, arc blast,
    and direct current hazards, and recent developments in electrical design and Personal
    Protective Equipment (PPE). Upon completion of this course, employees shall be able
    to demonstrate specific knowledge of:

    This course provides comprehensive training on the safe and effective use of mobile
    elevated work platforms. Participants will learn about the various types of MEWPs, their
    components, and functions, how to identify potential hazards and implement safety
    measures, and covers pre-use inspections, proper positioning, and emergency

    This course teaches you how to select the right ladder for the job you’re performing, as
    well as best practices for inspecting the ladder before you use it.

    In-Person and Online

    This course promotes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) awareness and covers the basic
    precautions required to work safely in H2S-rich environments. We explain the
    hazardous properties of H2S and its exposure limits, health effects, detection methods,
    control measures, suitable personal protective equipment, and emergency response