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    Different plan options to meet your needs in terms of duration

    Short Term


    1 month
    30 days


    • Safety Consultant Services for 1 month
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    3 months
    90 days


    • Safety Consultant Services for 3 months
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    • Safety Consultant Services for 6 months
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    Need a Safety Consultant?

    LeeMax Safety Solutions offers the unique oppurtunity to hire a Safety Consultant for your job. The benefits to this inclue reduced overhead costs, flexible services by hours per month, and training for employees when needed. There are many more benefits to hire a safety consultant that we would love to tell you about.

    Benefits of Hiring a Safety Consultant

    • Reduced overhead costs

    • Business expense (deductible)

    • Service available as needed per specified contract: 10, 20, 30, 40, 80, or other hours a month

    • Training for employees when required

    • OSHA intervention service available by someone who has experience dealing with the agency, can negotiate on your behalf, and can save you some serious expense, should you be fined

    • Mock-OSHA inspection service and recommendations to correct potential problems at your site

    • Up to date on safety and OSHA compliance regulations

    • Available to check current safety manual and upgrade as required or create a new safety manual specific to your company and industry

    • Can set up and check OSHA-required paperwork, review, and verify for sub-contractors

    • Service available anywhere in the 50 states at the same low price

    • Annual service contracts available for better savings

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    Safety Services?

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    Service Agreement Coverage Includes

    • Record Keeping 300/300A Documentation and Submission

    • Workers Compensation Compliance

    • Safety and Health Program Management

    • GAP Analysis

    • Audits/Inspection: OSHA Compliance

    • New Hire Orientation

    • Project & Site Safety Plans

    • Update Policies and Procedures for the Health and Safety Plan as applicable (such as pandemic policies)

    • Incident / Accident Investigation Support

    • Sub-Contract Management

    • Pre-Qualification Systems: ISNetworld, Avetta, Browz, etc.

    • Online Training included – In Person and Virtual training at discounted pricing.