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    As a part of this service, we provide a safety manual, complete on-site inspections, and help you ensure that your site is work-compliant.



    Safety Consultant Benefits

    There are many benefits to hiring a safety consultant. We offer different plans for safety consulting in order to allow you to choose how many hours per month you need a consultant. Having a safety consultant will reduce overhead costs and will be deductible as a business expense. Safety consultants can provide training for employees when it is required and also offer an OSHA intervention service provided by someone who has experience dealing with the agency. They will be able to negotiate on your behalf and will ultimately save you time and money by saving you from a fine.

    Safety Consultants can provide a mock OSHA inspection service that will culminate in recommendations to correct potential problems at your site. Safety consultants are up to date on safety and OSHA compliance regulations. They can check your current safety manual and upgrade it as required or create a new safety manual specific to your company and industry. Our consultants have so many handy tools that will support your thriving job site.

    Service Agreement Value Plans

    We offer a Bronze plan that is month to month, a silver plan that is a three month agreement, a gold plan that is 6 months, and an annual platinum plan that offers the most savings.