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    As a part of this service, we provide a safety manual, complete on-site inspections, and help you ensure that your site is work-compliant.



    Benefits to Hiring a Safety Consultant:

    • Reduced overhead costs
    • Business expense (deductible)
    • Service available as needed per specified contract: 10, 20, 30, 40, 80, or other hours a month
    • Training for employees when required
    • OSHA intervention service available by someone who has experience dealing with the agency, can negotiate on your behalf, and can save you some serious expense, should you be fined
    • Mock-OSHA inspection service and recommendations to correct potential problems at your site
    • Up to date on safety and OSHA compliance regulations
    • Available to check current safety manual and upgrade as required or create a new safety manual specific to your company and industry
    • Can set up and check OSHA-required paperwork, review, and verify for sub-contractors
    • Service available anywhere in the 50 states at the same low price
    • Annual service contracts available for better savings

    Service Agreement Value Plans

    We offer a Bronze plan that is month to month, a silver plan that is a three month agreement, a gold plan that is 6 months, and an annual platinum plan that offers the most savings.